Graduated Fools

The 36-years old Alexandra Muller is a driven freelance journalist for a national newspaper. Her work is characterized by her social involvement and the area of youth has her special attention. Alex is confronted with the suicide of a 17-years old boy "The Wave" about whom she previously wrote a piece. She cannot forget this tragic event and she seeks contact with the boy's best friend, Lisa (17). It soon becomes apparent that Lisa has major psychological problems and, as one of the many thousands drop outs, continually is threatening to slide down. Alex becomes under the spell of Lisa and also gets acquainted with Lisa's friend Gwen (23), an graffiti artist, who also knew The Wave personally.

A major police investigation at the activities of some local youth gangs, unexpectedly raises questions again about the suicide of The Wave as well as the possible involvement of Lisa and Gwen. Alex has great difficulty to understand the psychological game of the two girls. However, it seems as if Gwen is in charge and continuously pulls Lisa along into misery. The journalist does everything to help Lisa and wants to prevent Lisa of making a similar fatal statement....


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