From the heart of Rotterdam

The international film world is a multi-billion industry and the demand for ‘content’ is constantly increasing. The production company Firenze Film BV, established since 2007, wants to respond to this by developing its own ‘content’. From the heart of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Firenze Film BV focuses exclusively on the development and production
of English spoken feature films and television productions for a wide international audience. This is preferably based on original scripts, in cooperation with reliable national and international partners, and a maximum participation of local creative industries. This optimal collaboration with various international production partners and building a good relationship with investors is of great importance for Firenze Film BV.

The realization of a feature film is an art and a fascinating creative process. Meanwhile a movie is a commercial product, a communication platform, and a great opportunity to set out a message. Firenze Film BV wants to be a new independent film production company with its own vision and approach based on the statement of Michelangelo (1475-1564).

Because of focussing exclusively on a wide international audience with English spoken feature films, television productions and by offering a total package of film productions, Firenze Film BV is unique in its services in the Netherlands. This gives the opportunity to achieve the desired expansion with international partners operating from Rotterdam.