The Reciprocal Credit Foundation

A project about the history of Rotterdam needs broad support of local companies and the City of Rotterdam as well as cultural institutions. One of the reasons to establish an eponymous foundation "The Reciprocal Credit”. The foundation provides transparency and controls the development of this international multimedia project.

The Reciprocal Credit Foundation aims to support (both conceptually and executive) the international multimedia project ‘The Reciprocal Credit, the rise of an empire’ and all project-related spin-off. It also monitors the quality of the historical facts of the project.


mr. Carel baron van Lynden (chairman)
Daniel Dutilh
Jan van Gelderen
drs. Jantje Steenhuis
Nelli Cooman

Committee of Recommendation
Ing. Ahmed Aboutaleb (mayor)
mr. Mariëtte Opstelten - Dutilh
Anne-Wil Blankers
ir. drs. Hans Smits
Willem van ‘t Wout
mr. Roland H.J. Wondolleck
mr. Pauline van der Meer - Mohr

Advisory Board
drs. Jeannette Baljeu
Eric Dorhout Mees
Ben Vree
drs. Coen baron Schimmelpenninck van der Oije
Rob Wiegman
Ton Wesselink
Bram van Erkel
Luitenant kolonel der mariniers G.T.J. Aben

Founding partners include

Havenbedrijf Rotterdam NV
Siemens Nederland NV
ABN AMRO MeesPierson NV
Rotterdam-The Hague Airport BV
Aon Nederland
TBI Holdings BV
Stichting Elise Mathilde Fonds
G.Ph. Verhagen - Stichting

The Reciprocal Credit Foundation
Posthoornstraat 17
3011 WD Rotterdam
The Netherlands

T: +31 10 215 10 44
F: +31 10 484 02 12

Managing Director:
Jan de Vos