Master painter in the Age of Reason

A compelling historical novel about the life and work of a 17th century Dutch painter, illustrated with 13 paintings creating a window on the story.

Already at a young age Sebastiaan de Vries masters the craft of painting at the highest level. His life takes a drastic turn when he gets entangled in the web of the mighty and merciless merchant Charles Bourget. After a series of dramatic and tragic events, bringing Sebastiaan along many places in Europe, he eventually arrives in a hamlet in the south of England where he as an embittered man passes his days in quiet. Until twelve year old Thomas Morton crosses his path and who is determined to explore the sinistre caves in the soul of the master and getting to the bottom of his deepest secret.
'Sebastian, master painter in the Age of Reason' is a novel about power, love and faith. Robert Mann depicts a fascinating image of a moving era in history, in which trade, war, slavery and diseases had great impact on daily life.
In conference with the author three international renowned painters especially made thirteen medium size paintings for this novel. These three painters master the style and craft of the old Dutch master painters without loosing any of their own identity.

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