Production team

Firenze Film BV managing director, Robert Mann, has extensive experience in business and in the entertainment industry. The following individuals make up the current management team:

- Robert Mann, Executive Producer Firenze Film BV

Screenwriter and producer Robert Mann, born in 1965 in Rotterdam, is the founder of Firenze Film BV. After working several years in the creative industry and gaining experience in media in the Netherlands, he started writing an exciting historical novel ‘De 13 uren des Levens’ set in the second half of the 17th century, one of the most turbulent periods in European history. The book was published by Bruna Publishers, the Netherlands, in 2003. Especially for the book there were also thirteen beautiful paintings produced. These paintings were exposed at an exhibition in Slot Zeist in 2004. With the establishment of Firenze Film BV Robert Mann wants to profile himself as a creator. He is involved in the creative process of development as well as financing and production.

- Krystle Stok MSc, Associate Producer Firenze Film BV

Krystle Stok, born in 1982 in Rotterdam, is graduated in Leisure Management at the NHTV in Breda and Social Policy and Social Interventions at the University Utrecht in Utrecht. With her passion for film combined with spreading a message and her social involvement, Krystle wants to profile herself as a vigorous analyst. She supports Robert in the creative process of development as well as financing and production.

Historical Novel

Dutch: De 13 Uren des Levens
English: Sebastian, master painter in the Age of Reason

Published in 2003 in the Netherlands by Publishing House
A.W. Bruna te Utrecht
ISBN 90-229-8697-7

Publishing House A.W. Bruna
Gebr. Douwes Fine Art
Gerrit Breteler
Cornelis le Mair
Hans Laagland